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How to cure the pimple

Pimple and acne are the most common problem of many peoples.

In a research there is 80-85% people who are suffering from pompesp and acne.

Symptoms include pesky pimple which can be very frustafrust and very difficult to get rid of.

 There are so many tricks to get rid of  like laser treatment, allopathic medicine,natural ways and many more.

But we will provide you best and natural way to get rid of.

We will give you some information for how to cure the pimple .

Here we will tell you most common and best 5 solution to cure pimples at your own place.


Alovera is a most effective natural thing which is very useful for glowing skin and cure pimples and acnes .

Alovera is a topical plant with leaves that produce a ckear gel.

How to use of ALOEVERA -

Scrape the get out of the alovera leleaves with a spoon .

- Apply  alovera gel on the skin you can use on full face or skin and gently massage with very lightly with fingers.

- You cam wash after 1,2 hours
Or you can leave this overday or night.

- Repeat minimum 2-3 times in a day .

2- Facepack of neem,honey, cinnamon powder,and coconut oil

This is very effective facepack who can remove your pimple and it can be very useful for glowing and fare skin.
Its prooven that honey and neem both are most effective anti-bacterial thing .

How to use it -

Firstly you have to take galf spoon coconut oil then mix 1/4 of a spoon to cinnamon powder. Make a paste of these thing then mix half spoon of honey and mix it very well after that you have to mix neem powder or leaf ( best thing is that take 5-7 neem's leaf and grind it )

Then mix these all thing in a bowl and use on your skin for 30-45 minutes
Then wash it with normal water

. Use this 3 times in week.

3 - clean your face -

If your face is fulfill with dust it will give you more skin deseases like acne,pimple,ringworm and many more.

So always wash your face with pure water and rub your face with a antibacterial shop or facewash which is usefull in clearness of your skin.

Wash your face minimmm 2-4 time in a day with very gently massage.

Now pollution is so mch  and there are many things who can destroy your skin
So always clear your skin.

4-  Drink water and protect your skin with sunlight -

If you want to get rid of your skin problems then you have to drink tge water more and more.

Minimum 8-10 glass of water is a good amount to take .

Hydrate your body with pure water is a very good thing to help to get rid of your skin problem.

There are lot of deseases who can be cure with water .

Use sunscreen and stay away from sunlight

Sunlight is a very dangerous thing which can effect your skin and damage your skin.
Sunburn is also a problem of many people.

Use good quality of sunscreen
And dontd go in direct sunlight

5- take zinc rich multivitamins -

Zinc is very helpful to get rid of bacterial problems.
So eat zinc rich food and supplements
And take multivitamins  for your full body health.

 I give you 5 magical trick which is very helpful in cure the pimples.
I hope these information are very effective for yours .

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